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Purple | Aqua 'Little Birdy' Party

Friday, 10 May 2019

I have previously had a 'Little Birdy' Party, I have had a customer request it in a different colour. This is just as cute as the Pink 'Little Birdy' Party!

Available for purchase here.

Purple | Aqua 'Little Birdie' Photo Party Invitation

Purple | Aqua 'Little Birdie' Party Invitation
Purple | Aqua 'Little Birdie' Party Decorations Printable
The 'Little Birdie' collection includes:
- files to create a "Happy Birthday" bunting banner (2 flags per page)
- party circles (that measure 2")
- candy bag toppers
- personalized bottle OR cup wrappers (9oz - 250ml cup) - maximum of 25 names
- cupcake wrappers
- personalized place cards (or food labels) - maximum of 24 names
- placemats | tray liners

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