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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Masterchef Photo Invitation

     Happy Birthday to you, and you and you!  My triplets have turned 10 and because they share their birthday, they also share their party so we needed to find a gender neutral theme that they could all agree on. They finally decided on a Master Chef party.  I wanted to make it a birthday they could remember because double figures is such a special milestone and so is being triplets!
     A lot of time and energy went into preparing for this party.  The first thing I did was book our local church hall.   Something I would highly recommend if you have a small kitchen and you don't want a lot of children racing around your house. We had 29 guests at our party and there is no way that number would have fit in our house.
     Obviously red was our chosen colour theme so I went out and bought some fabric to make up aprons and chef hats for our mini chefs to take home as a party favour and to use while at the party to keep their clothes clean.  I had several sewing days with Sandra the other half of Mother Duck who very generously gave me her time!  The aprons and hats came up beautifully. To make the aprons, we just used one of our own aprons as a template and made it a bit smaller so that it wouldn't be huge on the kids.  There are lots of free patterns and tutorials showing you how to make chef hats, we chose to use this one by Joanna at stardustshoes.
     Our Dessert Table (pictured below) had the birthday trio's cakes on there, lots of red and white lollies, "chefstache" pops or chocolate mustaches, "Tomatoes" or oreo pops decorated to look like tomatoes, red and white coconut ice and chef cupcakes.

Master Chef Party Table

Masterchef Party Table | Cooking Party Table

We ran four activities during the party, the first was cupcake decorating. I set up a cupcake decorating station with lots of different coloured butter creams, and lots of different toppings; lollies, sprinkles etc. I designed some cupcake boxes to transport the kids cupcakes home in. I wasn't sure how the boys would like this activity but surprisingly they got into it just as much as the girls!

Some tips for the cupcake station

* Have spoons and plastic knives for spreading the buttercream
* Use a muffin pan to put the toppings in

Masterchef Cupcake Decorating Station

     Our second activity was pizza making. I picked up the pizza bases pictured below from the local supermarket. $4.50 for 12 which is their regular price. What a bargain! I had inquired at our local pizza shop if I could buy their dough, this was by far the cheaper option and less time consuming too! You could have any topping you like, we chose shredded ham, mozzarella cheese, capsicum, olives and pineapple. We massively over-catered with the ham and cheese but it's better to have too much than not enough....right?!

Masterchef Pizza Making

     Our third activity was a photo booth. I designed some chef photo props for the kids to have fun with.  We had the guests pose individually and also with the birthday kids. I will be using those photo's to go with the thank you cards.  :)  It was lots of fun!

Masterchef Photo Props | Photo Booth

     Our fourth activity was playing pin the mustache on the chef. It got lots of laughs, and the winner was given some child sized cooking utensils. The pin the mustache on the chef game is also available for purchase.

Masterchef Party Game Pin the Mustache on the Chef
     I was super happy with how the printables came out. I also loved the little chef cupcakes I made. Very simple to make just some black fondant rolled out and I hand cut mustaches. (I so wish I had a little mustache cutter!) and then some plain white fondant just shaped into a chef hat. Very easy, but very effective!

Masterchef Party Cups

Masterchef Cupcake Wrappers | Masterchef Party Cake Toppers
     Every "chef" received an apron and a chef hat to put on when they arrived. They also got to keep it and take home! We also sent home with the kids the cupcakes they decorated in the cupcake boxes shown below as well as a lolly bag.
Masterchef Party Favours

     The party table that the kids sat at looked great with all the printables on there; place mats, place cards and personalised cups with their names on it.  I have found personalised cups to be such a great idea because cups can never get mixed up!


On the kids table we had "fairy bread" with red sprinkles and bowls of chips. We also had sausage rolls, party pies and cocktail frankfurters.  Of course they got to eat their own pizzas too!

Masterchef Party Tables

     I've always been a stickler for making sure my kids are treated as individuals so I never make them share a birthday cake!  It means we always have an over-abundance of cake but who cares? They love having their own cake and blowing out their own candles! This year to fit the theme I made a chef hat, and apron and a rolling pin. I'm not the worlds best cake maker but they were made with a lot of love.  :)

Masterchef Party Cakes | Chef Hat Cake | Apron Cake and Rolling Pin Cake

Masterchef Party Decorations
Masterchef Party Decorations

 The Chef Party collection includes:
     - files to create a "Happy Birthday" bunting banner (2 flags per page)
     - party circles (that measure 2")
     - candy bag toppers
     - personalized bottle OR cup wrappers (9oz - 250ml cup) - maximum of 25 names
     - cupcake wrappers
     - personalized place cards | menu cards  (left blank OR up to maximum of 24 names/items)
     - placemat | tray liner

* Please note this collection is available in other colours.

Masterchef Invitations
Masterchef Photo Invitation
Masterchef Party Decorations

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