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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Aimee loves to dance, so she decided she wanted to have a disco party for her 8th birthday party.  My wonderful sister in law is a dance teacher so she taught all the girls a dance which they performed when all the parents came to pick up the kids, we also played musical chairs and limbo.

Available for purchase here.

Aimee in front of her Disco Dessert Table

Aqua is her favourite colour so the disco printable collection and disco add on collection were perfect for her! We also decorated with lots of silver sparkly things,  mirror balls, spinning flashing lights and a fog machine.

Disco Dessert Table
All the kids had a fabulous time and Aimee declared it "The Best Party Ever", so as far as I'm concerned that makes it a success!

Disco Party Tables
 I didn't want the kids wandering around the house with food, so I set up tables where they could sit for their hot food and their dessert.  The had disco placemats, disco cups personalised with their names (makes keeping track of who's cup belongs to who so easy!) and place cards.

Disco Place Mat | Disco Cup Wrappers | Disco Place Cards

Personalised Disco Party Cup Wrapper

The food we had on the dessert table was chocolate muffins, mirror ball cookies, disco ball oreo pops, chocolate, cake, popcorn and candy!

Disco Party Cupcake Wrappers | Cupcake Toppers

Disco Party Menu Cards and Mirror Ball Cookies
Disco Party Menu Card
Disco Party Hershey Wrappers

Disco Party Bunting

Disco Party Candy Bag Toppers

Disco Party Hat
Disco Party Decorations

Disco Party Toothpick Flags

Disco Party Mini Hershey Bar Wrappers
Disco Party Personalised Party Sign
Disco Party Fry Box | Popcorn Box

 Disco Party Games

* My fabulous sister in law taught the girls a dance and when the parents arrived, the girls performed the dance
* No disco party would be complete without a game of limbo
* Musical Chairs

Disco Party Dance Class

Disco Party Dance Class

Don't you love it when the grown ups get in on the action??!!

Disco Party - Limbo!

Disco Party - Musical Chairs

Disco Party - Musical Chairs

Disco Party Photo Invitation
Disco Party Invitation

Disco Party Decorations Printable Collection

  The Disco collection includes:
     - files to create a "Happy Birthday" bunting banner (2 flags per page)
     - party circles (that measure 2")
     - candy bag toppers
     - personalized bottle OR cup wrappers (9oz - 250ml cup) - maximum of 25 names
     - cupcake wrappers
     - personalized place cards | menu cards  (left blank OR up to maximum of 24 names/items)
     - placemat / tray liner

Disco Party Decorations Printables Add On

  The Disco add on collection includes:
     - party hat
     - fry box
     - mini flags
     - happy birthday party sign (fully personalized with your text) 5x7"
     - wrappers for mini Hershey candy bars

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